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Florian: a name, an idea, a product.
Florian Srl , located in the Venetian hinterland, was born as the passing of the baton from father to daughters.
Passion for job, tenacy in persuing your own dreams, ambition as a guide and respect for yourself. This is the entrepreneurial heritage that Mr Gabriele has transmitted to his daughters Elena, Ilaria and Anna, who decided to get involved with enthusiasm and determination.

An innovative vision that offers groundbreaking solutions in terms of technology and ideas, providing new experiences to share.

At your disposal our commitment and seriousness, intuition and creativity, over 30 years experience and the acquired know-how in the glass working.
Florian Srl is a dynamic company, who plays the perfect combination of technology, design, research and tradition, creating sometimes unusual contrasts that give force and dignity to objects.
The aim is to propose lighting fixtures and more generally furnishing complements with a simple and elegant design, but with a touch of personality that distinguishes Florian’s product in the market, designed in function of man and his wellbeing.
Special attention is paid to the quality of products, absolutely Made in Italy.
The company in fact chooses carefully the materials and components to ensure not only the functionality of product but also the duration in time.
Then, as part of an energy consumption reduction policy, Florian’s commitment in terms of eco-sustainability is realized by promoting some of the leading products in low energy consumption versions, as well as using recyclable materials such as wood, glass and steel.

Florian, a collection of emotions.

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